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FEES: Individuals: £30/ Couples Counselling £40/ Psychosexual Therapy £40 & Sex/Porn addiction Therapy £50. Flexible opening hours to suit peoples work patterns, Saturday morning appointments available until 12:00 noon. Skype appointments available.

Welcome to South Yorkshire Relationship and Sexual Counselling Service. My name is Steve Keegan and I am a Relate/Hull University trained, qualified, experienced, Doncaster based Couples Counsellor, Individuals Counsellor, Relationship Counsellor and Psychosexual (sex) Therapist

I also provide therapy to outlining suburbs and nearby towns and have delivered porn addiction therapy to clients from Rotherham and couples counselling to clients from Barnsley as both towns are within easy travelling distance to my office.

I am qualified to Post Graduate level as a Couples/Relationship Counsellor and Psychosexual Therapist with several years experience to date.

If you are reading my website then I guess that you are contemplating seeking some help. We all need help sometimes and it is OK to swallow our pride occasionally and ask for such help. A professional Counsellor can facilitate reflection and change in a safe confidential, contained environment.

Be proactive in improving relationship matters, rather than reactive in resolving complex relationship problems.

I understand that it is a difficult decision to seek help from a Counsellor and that counselling may not be for everyone, but I believe that it is always worth giving yourself the best chance of resolving matters before they cause irreparable damage to your relationship. Sometimes we need a little help in resolving our problems from an unbiased outsider with the qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience to help us on our way.

Many of the couples who come for couples counselling have recognised that they may have not dedicated much time to each other and have been avoiding or ignoring the challenges and difficulties that daily life brings. All relationships can struggle and go through difficult times, what makes the difference is how you manage those conflicts. In some cases the way you handle those challenges can make the difference between staying together or splitting up.

In my experience, many couples are presenting for couples counselling when their relationship has hit crisis point. They are either on the verge of splitting up or have already separated and are hoping for a counsellor to tell them what to do to put matters right.
Couples counselling can help people work through their complex feelings at times of crisis and rationalise the decisions that they may need to make, however sometimes the crisis may have been building for some time. Couples may have built up layers of poor communication, lack of trust and a sense of having nothing in common or drifting apart, rather than a specific crisis or event that can trigger needing to speak to a counsellor. This is when early intervention in counselling may be most effective. Unfortunately, couples will often fail to address cracks in their relationship and instead choose to avoid addressing matters out of fear of conflict or confrontation. Couples counselling can be most effective when used for early intervention of relationship difficulties.

Couples counselling is not about a counsellor giving a couple advice or taking sides and apportioning blame to one of the couple, so conflict can be avoided. Counselling allows couples to explore relationship/communication difficulties in a contained, safe space. Couples counselling enables couples to think about matters from the other person’s perspective and reflect on matters explored in the room. It enables couples to understand each other and how their upbringing can affect their attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and communications. It enables people to start to understand one another and to communicate in a more worthwhile manner that allows them to listen, compromise and adjust some views, habits and communication styles. This is why it works so effectively as an early intervention and can help couples avoid the slow and steady build up of difficulties that can become toxic.

My aim within individual and couples counselling sessions is to help you understand yourself and assist you to work through some of the personal and complex problems you face. Problems that you cannot always resolve through discussion with your partner, friends or family. My style of counselling incorporates CBT, Systemic and Psychodynamic theories. I work with both individuals and couples on an open-ended basis.

I also specialise in treating Internet/ Smart Phone addictions including porn, sex, sexting, chat rooms and dating sites, but also cover gambling and substance misuse addictions. I have ten years experience in treating addictions gained whilst working for the NHS Substance Misuse Team in Doncaster and as a Sex Therapist at Relate and more recently in my private work.

If you are looking to address porn, sex or internet addictions, relationship or couple problems, sexual difficulties or dysfunctions and substance misuse or gambling addictions then please spend a little time reading the relevant pages in my therapies section.

I am committed to providing counselling and therapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment at my home office based in Cusworth, Doncaster.

I have attended many courses in addition to my University qualifications to further my knowledge and expertise which enable me to offer a very high level of practice to my clients and I continue to complete on-going professional development to further improve my knowledge and development.

Appointments are available on an evening from 6:15 until 8:15 pm and on a Saturday morning.
I offer face to face appointments in my comfortable, private therapy room, but I also offer Skype online sessions for your convenience:

I am experienced in helping clients who have experienced difficulties with :

  • Relationship problems
  • Porn and chat room addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Sexual problems and dysfunctions
  • Substance misuse and alcohol addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Sexuality difficulties
  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  • Bereavement
  • Anger management
  • Childhood sexual abuse

    My main areas of experience relate to:

  • Couples counselling
  • Individual relationship counselling
  • Porn/Sex/internet addictions
  • Psychosexual Therapy
  • Sexual and Sexuality difficulties
  • Substance misuse/alcohol/gambling addictions

    I appreciate that it may be difficult to make sense of your difficulties and that you may have many questions about counselling or therapy and how it may benefit you. It is important that you feel at ease with your therapist and I would suggest that you email me or ideally give me a call to enable you to have a quick chat about your situation. You can then decide if you feel at ease with me and if you would like to book an initial consultation.

    Please read my most recent client feedback below:

    Female Doncaster: " Thanks for making me realise just how much my past baggage has impacted on the here and now. Our relationship has taken a turn for the better since starting the sessions."

    Male Doncaster:" I'd always assumed that I was addicted to sex, but now I understand that the porn or feelings it produced helped me cope with my life and it had nothing to do with real sex".

    Male Barnsley: "Thanks for all you have done in making me realise that it is good to talk to my wife about things. If the crazy thoughts enter my head again then I know where you are. Thanks again."

    Male Doncaster: "The sessions have helped me re-connect with wife." We are closer than ever without the distraction of my phone vibrating in my pocket."

    Male Doncaster: "My partner and I actually talk about stuff that matters now and it's easier for me to talk about how I'm feeling".

    Female Doncaster: " These few sessions have given me a sense of direction and more confidence in myself."

    Male Doncaster: " Thanks Steve." " I have my life back on track and a wife that is starting to trust me again",

    Male Doncaster: "You cannot imagine my sense of relief having finally told somebody about my past."

    Male Doncaster: "It helps seeing you." "I can't talk to my friends about this stuff."

    Female Doncaster; "The counselling helped us understand matters from each others point of view"

    Female Doncaster: "We found the sessions really useful and would happily recommend you"

    Male Barnsley: " Thanks for your time Steve and for giving me the tools to make life changing choices"


    I am a Doncaster based Couples Counsellor, Relationship Therapist and Sex Therapist, but my practice is accessible from Barnsley, Rotherham, Selby, Scunthorpe, Mexborough and Wakefield. I am based In Cusworth which is 3 miles from Doncaster town centre and 1/2 mile from the Barnsley junction 37 of the A1.

    Find me on Google if you are looking for a Relationship Counsellor, Couples Counsellor in Doncaster or a specialist Psychosexual (Sex) Therapist. l am a Doncaster based counsellor, but I have delivered porn addiction therapy to Rotherham clients and couples counselling to Barnsley clients as both towns are within easy travelling distance to my office.

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