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FEES: Individuals: £30/ Couples Counselling £40/ Psychosexual Therapy £40 & Sex/Porn addiction Therapy £50. Flexible opening hours to suit peoples work patterns

Welcome to South Yorkshire Couples Counselling and Psychosexual Therapy (SYCAPT). My name is Steve Keegan and I am a Relate/Hull University trained Doncaster based Couples Counsellor, Individuals Counsellor, Relationship Counsellor and Psychosexual (sex) Therapist.

I also provide therapy to outlining suburbs and nearby towns. I have delivered porn addiction therapy to Rotherham clients and couples counselling to Barnsley clients as both towns are within easy travelling distance to my office.


I understand that it is a difficult decision to seek help from a Counsellor and that counselling may not be for everyone, but I believe that it is always worth giving yourself the best chance of resolving matters before they cause irreparable damage to your relationship. Sometimes we need a little help in resolving our problems from an unbiased outsider with the qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience to help us on our way.

It is a well-known fact that men are not fantastic when it comes to showing emotion and or talking about their feelings, but yet they can share their thoughts easily enough.

In counselling sessions all you need to do is share your thoughts with me. I can then ask the right questions and help you make the connections between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Counselling is not about me being judgmental and telling you what to do. Counselling is about you being enabled to express your feelings in a way that you are comfortable with and to understand more about communication and trust, which after all, are the foundations of all relationships.

Not communicating effectively with our loved ones carries big risks. It is crucial that men learn how to communicate effectively to avoid relationship breakdowns, addiction problems and at worse suicidal thoughts or actions.

Only around 25% of men have sought help through counselling and psychotherapy, and yet it appears that men suffer distress as often and in similar ways to women. In fact, where suicide is concerned 4 in 5 suicides or 78% are men and in men under the age of 35 suicide is the biggest cause of death.

My work to date when counselling and working with males would suggest that boys grow up to be men who believe certain things about what being a man is. Put simply, we get the message from childhood that ‘big boys don’t cry’. As life moves on, we internalise the idea that being a ‘man’ means you sort out problems without talking about them or involving outsiders.

Too often, men would prefer not to admit they have a problem that they might benefit from talking this through with someone else. In an attempt to mask feelings of inadequacy men often turn to denial, anger or even substance misuse or addictions like pornography.
None of these coping mechanisms are the answer. The answer is here now. Contact me and lets talk matters through together.........

Please read my most recent client feedback below:

Male Doncaster: "You cannot imagine my sense of relief having finally told somebody about my past."

Male Doncaster: "It helps seeing you." "I can't talk to my friends about this stuff."

Male Barnsley: " Thanks for your time Steve and for giving me the tools to make life changing choices"


I am a Couples Counsellor and Relationship Therapist based in Doncaster, but my practice is accessible from Barnsley, Rotherham, Selby, Scunthorpe, Mexborough and Wakefield. I am based In Cusworth which is 3 miles from Doncaster town centre and 1/2 mile from the Barnsley junction 37 of the A1.

Find me on Google if you are looking for a Couples Counsellor in Doncaster or a specialist Psychosexual Therapist. I am based in Doncaster, but have delivered porn addiction therapy to Rotherham clients and couples counselling to Barnsley clients as both towns are within easy travelling distance to my office.

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